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Hampshire County Council
Policy for Gilkicker

14 February 2002




Historic Buildings



English Heritage




Heritage at Risk

Gilkicker entry



Gilkicker Weevil

'The greatest danger to the Weevil is not from the development of the Fort but from the trampling of its grassland habitat by visiting members of the public.'


Species Action Plan
Wild About Britain

Wildlife Trust:
'It is doing very well there. There is no dramatic management action needed for the weevil and as long as the fort remains it should be fine.'


Born in Fort Gilkicker

Elisabeth Hopkins


Secretary of State's Enquiry

Report Summary


Gosport Council
Gilkicker Development Access Issues



Fort Gilkicker






Public Enquiry

The Secretary of State's Enquiry into Askett Hawk's proposals for the development of Fort Gilkicker has adjourned after three days of deliberating. Evidence has so far been heard from the three main parties of Askett Hawk Developments, Gosport Council's Planning Department and the Environment Agency. The majority of the time has been taken up with evidence pertaining to the  risk to future residents due to possible innundation of the site and the  safe access and egress of residents during a flood event after innundation of the access road.

The enquiry will reconvene on May 19th & 20th 2010 at Explosion Museum conference centre.

The News Website 25 March
The News Website 24 March

Posted on 25 Mar 2010
Public Inquiry

The date for the Public Inquiry has been arranged for the 23-25 March 2010 and will be held by an Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State. The Inquiry will begin at 10am in the Council Chamber.

Documents relating to this appeal can be viewed at The Town Hall Gosport and on the Council's website here:

Gilkicker Planning Documents

Posted on 19 Dec 2009
Planning Review for Fort Gilkicker Development

The Secretary of State has asked for a planning review following the Environment Agency's objection to the development on the grounds that the residents will be stranded if the sea level rises.

Read The Portsmouth News article here:

The developers have already produced an in-depth study of the possibility of flooding and the impact it will have on residents. English Heritage are supporting the development.

Posted on 12 Oct 2009
Biodiversity Statement

Some 'Gilkicker protestors' have  used the possibility of damage to the biodiversity of the site as an argument to do nothing with the fort.

The latest Biodiversity statement from Dr. Jonty Denton concludes:
Although populations of important species are present within the development area mitigation measures will ensure that there is little or no detriment to those species and the Fort will retain its current biodiversity.

Regarding the Gilkicker Weevil in particular he states:
..since there are other populations in the immediate vicinity and great care will be taken to minimise such disturbance, the beetle (and the rest of the rich insect fauna that inhabits this area of Gosport), should survive on the remains of the mound and may well benefit from the construction of extra banks,


Posted on 30 Nov 2008

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