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Hampshire County Council
Policy for Gilkicker

14 February 2002




Historic Buildings



English Heritage




Heritage at Risk

Gilkicker entry



Gilkicker Weevil

'The greatest danger to the Weevil is not from the development of the Fort but from the trampling of its grassland habitat by visiting members of the public.'


Species Action Plan
Wild About Britain

Wildlife Trust:
'It is doing very well there. There is no dramatic management action needed for the weevil and as long as the fort remains it should be fine.'


Born in Fort Gilkicker

Elisabeth Hopkins


Secretary of State's Enquiry

Report Summary


Gosport Council
Gilkicker Development Access Issues



Fort Gilkicker






The Road to Fort Gilkicker

The new name for the road to Fort Gilkicker will be:- William Jervois Way. The Post office has been consulted on William Jervis Way and have raised no objection.

Posted on 12 Apr 2011
Fort Gilkicker Homes

The developer of Fort Gilkicker has invited prospective buyers to view the site. The sale of the homes is via the agents Chesterton Humberts. The developer's website can be seen here: No price has been set.

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Posted on 10 Apr 2011
Road to Fort Gilkicker

All interested societies have been given the opportunity to suggest an appropriate name for the road leading to Fort Gilkicker. It has always been referred to as the Military Road but the Developer needs to apply for a name so that a Post Code can be generated. The Developer had proposed that the road be called Napoleon Way but it was felt that this would cause confusion as the Fort was built to counter a threat by Napoleon III but it was not Napoleonic.

The two most significant suggestions put forward are Gilkicker Way and Jervois Way. William Jervois  was the Inspector General of Fortifications when the Fort was designed and built. Jervois was born in Cowes on the Isle of Wight. He was educated at the Royal Military Academy Gosport and the Royal Military Academy Woolwich prior to being commissioned in the Royal Engineers.

Gilkicker Way may be rejected as there is already another use of that name nearby as in Gilkicker Road.

Posted on 04 Apr 2011
Fort Gilkicker Planning approved

Today it has been announced that  the Inspector has recommended that planning permission be granted. The Secretary of State agrees with her conclusions and agrees with her recommendation.  The Secretary of State agrees with the Inspector  that the fundamental issue in this case is whether the intended development, and in particular the access/egress to and from the development, would be safe for its users and  remain safe throughout the lifetime of the development.  The Secretary of State agrees with the  Inspector that the Sequential Test and Exception Test are not to be applied and that it is appropriate to consider flood risk across the whole lifetime of the development.   The Secretary of State agrees with the Inspector that the benefits of the proposal to the outstanding heritage asset of Fort Gilkicker would be significant and substantial.

The Secretary of State agrees with the Inspector at IR179 that while there could be some loss of species from the banks to be excavated, that does not amount to evidence of material harm to the adjacent area of national nature conservation importance, or to evidence that any of the species concerned would be permanently displaced. For the reasons given at IR181, the Secretary of State agrees with the Inspector that as a material consideration to set against the restoration of the Fort Gilkicker heritage asset, the impact on the golf course is not of decisive or substantial weight.    

The Secretary of State concludes that the proposed development is in line with the development plan and would offer significant benefits in terms of the restoration of an important heritage asset. Although there is some conflict with national policy on flooding, he considers that the residual risk to future residents is capable of management and concludes that there are no material considerations which indicate that the application should be determined other than in accordance with the development plan.

Accordingly, for the reasons given above, the Secretary of State agrees with the Inspector’s recommendation. He hereby grants planning permission for the restoration of Grade II* Scheduled Ancient Monument, conversion to 26 dwellings, residents’ stores and interpretation room, alteration of 2 mounds to create public viewing points and improvement of access road and junction, in accordance with application number K.9316/7, dated 20 August 2008, subject to the conditions set out at Annex A.

Report summary

Posted on 18 Aug 2010
English Heritage At Risk Register 2010

English Heritage have published their 2010 At Risk register.Fort Gilkicker has been given a priority C grade.
The register can be searched  here:

English Heritage At Risk Register 2010

Posted on 10 Jul 2010

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