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Hampshire County Council
Policy for Gilkicker

14 February 2002




Historic Buildings



English Heritage




Heritage at Risk

Gilkicker entry



Gilkicker Weevil

'The greatest danger to the Weevil is not from the development of the Fort but from the trampling of its grassland habitat by visiting members of the public.'


Species Action Plan
Wild About Britain

Wildlife Trust:
'It is doing very well there. There is no dramatic management action needed for the weevil and as long as the fort remains it should be fine.'


Born in Fort Gilkicker

Elisabeth Hopkins


Secretary of State's Enquiry

Report Summary


Gosport Council
Gilkicker Development Access Issues



Fort Gilkicker






No5 Battery site development proposal
The QinetiQ Fort Road Site surrounding No.5 Battery is zoned for office/ light industrial and housing. A consultant has been engaged by QinetiQ and he has proposed the development of a limited number of £1M houses, supported by Mark Hook of Gosport Borough Council. The development should not affect the Ancient Monument itself. The Gosport Society and the Friends of Stokes Bay are looking closely at the proposals before deciding whether or not they will support them.

No.5 Battery site

Posted on 09 Sep 2014
Fort Gilkicker Extension

The Fort Gilkicker developer has been granted an extension of planning permission by Gosport Borough Council.

Posted on 13 Sep 2013
Gilkicker development extension to Planning Permission

The developer of the scheme to convert Fort Gilkicker to apartments has applied for an extension to the planning permission granted by Gosport Borough Council in 2010. This does not mean that the plans are in danger, merely that more time is needed in the present economic climate. The developer has needed to complete more surveys and to meet very precise conditions concerning conservation, including the removal of lizards and snakes before the earth bank can be disturbed.
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The News

Posted on 11 Sep 2013
Fort Gilkicker work begins September 2012

Another open day for prospective buyers was held at Fort Gilkicker today. Many passing members of the public also ventured into the fort to see what was happening.

Fort Gilkicker gorge casemates

Work has begun on the development of the Fort  with preliminary excavations to determine the extent of the concrete that needs to be removed from the roof of the fort. The concrete consists of four gun emplacements and their aprons which were added to the roof of the fort when the original Victorian armament became obsolete in the 1890s. These guns were not in place for very long as the Owen Committee recommended their removal in 1905, shortly after the reconstruction was completed. At this time the earth bank was added to the face of the fort, concealing the exterior of the twenty two gun casemates, which have not been seen in living memory. The earth served the dual purpose of concealing the fort and preventing incoming shells from penetrating the shell stores and cartridge magazines beneath. As part of the adaptation of the fort to modern use the earth bank is to be partially removed, returning the fort to its Victorian state once more and allowing the fort to be seen in its full splendour.
Mr Pearce Chief Executive of developer Fort Gilkicker Properties Ltd said: “Fort Gilkicker’s facade has been hidden for over one hundred years, so being able to see the stonework for the first time is going to give us our first glimpse of how the building would have looked originally and how it will look when restored completely to its full glory.”

Fort Gilkicker viewed from the east

Thirty percent of the homes are already reserved at the Fort, which will provide twenty two three-storey houses in the crescent of casemates at the front of the building, as well as four apartments in the former barrack block.
Posted on 22 Sep 2012
Gilkicker work begins

Work has begun on Fort Gilkicker with the clearance of undergrowth and trees from the earth mound surrounding the fort. This has opened up spectacular views westwards along Stokes Bay and to the north across Gilkicker Lake which have not been possible for many years because of the trees. The clearance work is likely to take a week or more.

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Posted on 06 Mar 2012

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