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Hampshire County Council
Policy for Gilkicker

14 February 2002




Historic Buildings



English Heritage




Heritage at Risk

Gilkicker entry



Gilkicker Weevil

'The greatest danger to the Weevil is not from the development of the Fort but from the trampling of its grassland habitat by visiting members of the public.'


Species Action Plan
Wild About Britain

Wildlife Trust:
'It is doing very well there. There is no dramatic management action needed for the weevil and as long as the fort remains it should be fine.'


Born in Fort Gilkicker

Elisabeth Hopkins


Secretary of State's Enquiry

Report Summary


Gosport Council
Gilkicker Development Access Issues



Fort Gilkicker






Fort Gilkicker Development Begins

William Jevois Way

Work has begun on the Fort Gilkicker development, starting with the widening and stengthening of the access road, William Jervois Way. This is necessary before heavy equipment can move on to site.
The public are being invited in to see Wild Boar Developments’ early progress on the Grade II-listed site during an open day on April 22 2017. Visit the website for more information and to book a tour.

Andrew Temperton, from Wild Boar Properties Ltd, said: ‘There are no other residential developments in the UK like this one – it is an absolute honour to transform such a historic monument, bring it into the 21st century and create homes for those looking for an exclusive and sporting lifestyle in a unique and tranquil environment.

As a team, we are looking forward to working with our buyers to ensure they have a say in the key elements of design and interiors to suit their personal taste.

‘Fort Gilkicker offers purchasers a chance to put their individual stamp on a piece of British history. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We are looking forward to welcoming both local and prospective purchasers to give them a backstage pass into the redevelopment and further information on the scheme.’

Posted on 15 Apr 2017
Fort Gilkicker secure once more

Fort Gilkicker December 2016

Preliminary work is underway to make Fort Gilkicker a secure site once more. A security fence has been erected and the site is to be monitored by a security firm with regular security patrols and CCTV cameras. Holes in the old fencing have been blocked. The conversion of the fort is to commence shortly after a the Ecological Impact Assessment carried out in 20102 has been updated and approved. Also an Archaeological Methodology Statement and supporting Archaeological Impact Assessment must be carried out and approved.

Historic England have confirmed that the proposed conversion and redevelopment of Fort Gilkicker has Scheduled Monument consent.

The work will be monitored by Gosport Borough Council and Historic England ‘to achieve delivery of a quality conversion scheme that both preserves and enhances the significance of the  Fort’. ‘It would ensure the long-term preservation of the Fort and secure its removal from the Heritage at Risk Register’.

An independent archaeologist will also be on site as the work progresses. Fort Gilkicker Developments Ltd has bought the site from Fort Gilkicker Properties Limited. The original shareholder  of Fort Gilkicker Developments Limited is  Abigail Tan Hui Xian who lives in Britain but is from Malaysia.  AndrewTemperton, the managing Director of White Boar Properties  Limited, (who have been engaged to oversee the project) revealed that the financial backer is Malaysian with interests in property development and hotels and restaurants. The road and some adjacent land has also been purchased allowing the development to proceed.

Posted on 03 Dec 2016
Fort Gilkicker Development news

White Boar Developments Limited have announced that they have agreed a deal with the former land owners to transform Fort Gilkicker into the 22 townhouses and four luxury flats in what will be a £20m project, and hope to complete the project in the next three years Andrew Temperton, managing director of Wild Boar Developments, says that he is very excited about the development going ahead. He said: ‘We have finally got there. ‘It has been a long, hard slog to finally get to this stage and we are very excited. ‘We are probably going to be spending the next six months planning but I hope to be started by the end of next year. ‘It is a fascinating building and people who are looking to invest will get a stunning conservation, a high level of specification, a stunning outlook over the Solent and a piece of history.’

Gilkicker Development

Anglesey ward councillor Alan Scard said: ‘It is brilliant news and I am delighted for them. But I know they will have a lot of work to do.It may take a couple of years to dry out. Now we have established the new owners, we can do something about the people who have been getting in.’

Gosport MP Caroline Dinenage said: ‘The new owners have a fantastic opportunity to restore these amazing buildings and bring them back into use. I hope they are able to do so, as this site has the potential to be a great boost for Gosport.

Posted on 27 Nov 2016
Gilkicker: New developments

Gilkicker Fort

The current owners of Fort Gilkicker are in negotiation with a new owner who intends taking over the freehold of surrounding land from Gosport Borough Council and signing legal agreements with other interested parties, including Stokes Bay Golf Club. Ian Pierce, chief executive of developer Fort Gilkicker Properties Ltd said on August 30 that ‘We have agreed terms with an investor. It has been difficult but we’re expecting a deal to be done in about a month.’ Ian Lycett, Chief Executive of the borough council, was reported as commenting “Everything is now in place. The new company will take control of the fort when it buys it from the existing owners. Then the other landowners involved will also sell and it will all be activated on the same day.” Mr Lycett said he “anticipated work will begin on the site very quickly be-cause the planning permission will soon run out ”. He declined to name the new buyer. Historic England subsequently confirmed that it has been involved in confidential negotiations with a “party interested in taking on the residential development” at the Fort. The Head of Planning Services at Gosport Borough Council, Debbie Gore, said: ‘The borough council considers the current security issues to be a matter for the owner.He is aware of that and has been looking at the options.’

Posted on 12 Sep 2016
Gilkicker Development hope

Gosport Councillor for Anglesey ward, Alan Scard expressed his hope that work will begin soon on the proposed development of Fort Gilkicker by Askett Hawk. The conversion of the fort to modern  luxury apartments has been 'on hold' for some time due to 'legal issues' and the economic climate limiting those who can affored the price of such an apartment. Councillor Scard told The News that he expects the development to take a further five years when work starts: 'You’re not going to be seeing people at the back of next year – it’s probably a five-year time frame.’ The developer, Mr Pearce of Askett Hawk, is optomistic that 'there will be progress within the first  month or so  of 2015.'

Full News article here:
Fresh hope for homes at Fort Gilkicker in Gosport

Fort Gilkicker aerial view (c) James Pierce


Posted on 02 Jan 2015

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