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14 February 2002



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Gilkicker Weevil

The greatest danger to the Weevil is not from the development of the Fort but from the trampling of its grassland habitat by visiting members of the public.

Hamshire IOW Wildlife Trust


Despite the Gilkicker Weevil being previously recorded on the slopes of Fort Gilkicker, the habitat does not currently appear to be suitable.


At Fort Gilkicker, two patches of Common Bird’s-foot-trefoil were found on the slopes of the fort.Vegetation on the slopes of the fort was on average over 50cm high, and so it is unlikely that this would be suitable habitat for the Gilkicker Weevil.

Monitoring report


Born in Fort Gilkicker

Elisabeth Hopkins





Fort Gilkicker






Gilkicker Developments

Gilkicker Fort

On 8 March 2021 David Brace was added to the list of Directors for Gilkicker Fort Ltd. At this time Robin Riches resigned leaving the company with one active director. The company has four shareholders. This company was incorporated on 14 January 2021.  Mr Brace is also a director of Starvale Developments Ltd, Gunboat Sheds Limited, Anglesey Lodge Developments Limited and has associations with the No.5 Battery site at Stokes Bay. Gosport Council have been made aware of a change of ownership to Fort Gilkicker and have confirmed that Historic England visited the site last year to discuss measures to prevent the building from deteriorating. Gosport Council are keen to keep the site secure and will monitor the situation. There is no official news of when, or if, conversion of the fort to modern apartments will be  commencing.

Gosport Council have confirmed that the existing planning permission requires the new owner to develop it in accordance with that permission which is fully in line with the direction that came out of the public enquiry a number of years ago. All of the various codicils and caveats to the planning permission and the protections to the Fort, the surrounding area and roads and public pathways apply fully to the new owner.

Posted on 19 Apr 2021
Gilkicker back on the market again

Andrew Temperton of Gilkicker Developments Limited has put Fort Gilkicker back on the market for an asking price of between £5 Million and £5.5 million. According to Andrew Richardson, of property firm Jackson-Stops, in Chichester, West Sussex,  'The build cost will be the best part of £18m - it's not for men of straw'.
The previous financial backer pulled out of the scheme in 2018, citing 'problems with Historic England'. The fort is still owned by Andrew Temperton but he was reported as saying 'It isn’t my preference - but the investors from Malaysia see it as a very small scheme and don’t want the hassle anymore, so are moving onto other projects.'
The agent reported that 'We have had lots of phone calls and internet enquiries that we are now in the process of vetting.'

Gosport Council leader Mark Hook conformed that the planning permission for the conversion still stands 'so it can still be developed, but it is one of theose schemes that is expensive'

Gilkicker Fort

Posted on 30 Nov 2019
Gilkicker Arson

Gilkicker Fort

On Saturday March 16 in the evening there was yet another arson attack at Fort Gilkicker. The small, temporary wooden structure added by the developer on top of the fort, to be used as a visitor lounge during marketing promotions, was set on fire by a group of Gosport youths. The fire brigade attended with several appliances and the fire was extinguished without any damage to the struture of the fort itself. Local residents however expressed concern about the seeming lack of security at the fort to prevent such attacks and to keep local youths out of the building.

A spokesperson for Gosport Borough Council stated that 'The fort is the location of a private development. Responsibility for it, including day-to-day maintenance, lies with the owner. We're in contact with the owner's representative regularly to resolve matters such as security, access and environmental issues and we've asked to be kept informed of any sale process. Wer'e also talking to Historic England about how the council can help it secure the fort's refurbishment and long term future.'

Mr Temperton of Gilkicker Developments Ltd. stated ' As regards longer-term plans, the project has been mothballed due to problems encountered with Historic England over progressing implementation. We have no plans to re-start at present.' He is seeking a buyer for the fort after the previous financial backer pulled out due to the project taking too long.

Posted on 29 Mar 2019
Fort Gilkicker Tidy Up Work

Gilkicker Fort

On behalf of the developers Gosport Council has cleared land around Fort Gilkicker, leveling the soil and removing vegetation gathered by the fencing to make the site easier to access and help the natural recovery of the diverse eco systems.

Some fencing, which has formed a small compound, together with waste vegetation which was cut back some time ago, has also been removed

Following advice from Hampshire County Council's ecologists it has was recommended that work takes place now to reduce any impact on sheltering wildlife. The work was supervised by the countryside team.

The clearance will help tidy-up the area and large pieces of masonry on the paths have also be removed.


Posted on 18 Dec 2018
Fort Gilkicker for sale again

Gilkicker Fort

Andrew Temperton of Fort Gilkicker Developments Ltd. was reported in the local press today as saying that investors backing the Fort Gilkicker Development have pulled out of the project, leaving him with no choice but to put the fort back up on the market.
Andrew Temperton said: ‘It isn’t my preference - but the investors from Malaysia see it as a very small scheme and don’t want the hassle anymore, so are moving onto other projects.
Personally I am very disappointed because everything was geared up and ready to go.
My main frustrations are with problems we had with Historic England and that I’m not able to see the project through to the end.
I would like to be involved in restoring the fort, and if a buyer comes along that wants me there I would be happy to stay.

Posted on 31 Aug 2018

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