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Fort Gilkicker: Rear of the fort in 2007.

Sketch of the fort

Fort Gilkicker: Sketch of the rear of the fort by Barry Robertson






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Stokes Bay Gosport : Hampshire : U.K.

Built on the site of the earlier Fort Monckton Auxiliary Battery, Fort Gilkicker was constructed to defend the deepwater anchorage at Stokes Bay.


Commenced in 1863, completed in 1871, it  consisted of twenty-two gun emplacements in a semi-circular series of granite-faced casemates designed to sweep the approaches to Portsmouth harbour with devastating gun fire.



Fort Gilkicker: Raising a 25ton Gun at the Gilkicker Battery: from Illustrated London News


Change and Development:

During its service history the Fort was modified several times. Its casemates were strengthened to protect it against the constantly developing artillery of the day. It was upgraded with the latest coast defence guns in the late nineteenth century and finally it was re-armed during WWI to protect Portsmouth from air attack. After a brief new lease of life during WWII it began to fall into disuse and was released by the military in 1956. From then on it served as workshops and was acquired by Hampshire County Council in 1986.


Arming the Fort:

The Fort was armed with the latest Coast Defence Rifled Muzzle Loading guns.

RML gun
  • 2 x 12-inch R.M.L. 25-tons Upper Battery
  • 3 x 11-inch R.M.L. 25-tons Upper Battery
  • 17 x 10-inch R.M.L. 18-tons Casemated Battery
  • 5 x 9-inch R.M.L. 12-tons Casemated battery


The Later Armament:

In 1898 the fort was fitted with the new 6-inch and 9.2-inch B.L. guns but their use was short-lived. They were declared superfluous in 1904.


The Fort Today:

The Fort, a Grade II* Listed Building and Scheduled Ancient Monument, has been sold by Hampshire County Council and is awaiting proposals to convert it for modern use in order to secure it for the enjoyment of future generations. This unique piece of Victorian engineering is of immense importance to the history of coast defence in the United Kingdom and must be preserved at all costs. There are no proposals to open the fort for public access.


Aerial view Aerial view Aerial view


Fort Gilkicker: Aerial view of Stokes Bay: Gilkicker Point and fort in 2008 (Photo James Pierce)
Fort Gilkicker: Aerial view of Gosport from the south with Gilkicker Point and fort in 2008 (Photo James Pierce)
Fort Gilkicker: Aerial view in 2008 (Photo James Pierce)

Stokes Bay:

If you are interested in the history of Stokes Bay then you may find something of interest here including the River Alver, the Stokes Bay moat, historic houses, the railway and Stokes Bay pier, the sea marks, brickworks, School of Electric Lighting and others.




Images of Stokes Bay and Gilkicker

Fort Gilkicker: Rear of the fort in 2007.
Fort Gilkicker: View along the verandah at the rear of the gun casemates in 2007


The fort is located at the East end of Stokes Bay, Gosport, Hampshire.


The Fort is not open to the public and there is currently no way that visitors can view the inside of the fort.


rear of the fort


Granite and Brick

This Victorian Coast Defence Battery is a unique structure, functional, but elegant, with its huge granite sea-facing gun casemates and brick barrack rooms. The granite casemates have been covered with earth since 1904 and will not be visible again until the fort is restored to its former glory.







Gun casemates

Fort Gilkicker: Interior of the gun casemates in 2007.




Gun casemates

Fort Gilkicker: Rear of the gun casemates in 2007.




Barrack Block




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